Using BizTalk Management REST APIs from PowerShell


With BizTalk Server 2016 Feature Pack 1 we have a lot of nice functionality to use. The feature I just couldn’t keep my hands from was the Management REST API, it gives a fantastic opportunity to create new tailored tools. Since I love PowerShell my first thought was how to use this new feature in my scripting.

Installation and configuration

The installation and configuration of the Feature Pack was straightforward. It’s well described here, I just followed the steps and had no problems at all. Navigating to http://yourserver/BizTalkManagementService/swagger/ will show you the available APIs.

01-Using BizTalk Management REST APIs from PowerShell

Start scripting

I thought, keep it simple and started with a simple script to get all the applications in my environment. Hey, that was deadly simple!

02-Using BizTalk Management REST APIs from PowerShell

So, next step would be to do something a bit more complex, create a new application since that means that I need to send data. We instantiate a new PsCustomObject setting some properties we need, convert it to Json and then post.

03-Using BizTalk Management REST APIs from PowerShell


The Management REST API is a good addition to our toolbox. With just some simple PowerShell cmdlets, Invoke-RestMethod and ConvertTo-Json, we can do a lot. I created a small PowerShell module that handles applications as a sample. You can download it as a starter. Happy scripting!

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